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Karistakats customer testimonials

Many thanks to all the special people that have adopted one of our kittens and welcomed them as an important member of their family. Here are some of the beautiful letters we have received....

Himalayan playing with fish in the fish tankWell ... It's been quite a while. Lina and I thought you might like to see some new pictures of ArA. She's all grown up now, and is the love of our lives - a gorgeous animal, to say the least. As you can see from the photos, she is now a pet-owner, herself, having the company of two betas. Only one is evident in the pictures, but there are now two in separate tanks. They were originally planned to be a temporary game for her, as we thought she would quickly find them a delectable treat. But it didn't take long for her to claim them as her own, and she now spends time every day lying by the tanks, keeping them warm. She watches so closely as they eat, and supervises their weekly tank-cleanings. She drinks their water, preferring it over her own charcoal-filtered water fountain, and the fish seem to like her company, as well ... Calmly eating their food at the top, within inches of her tongue, lapping their water. It is really the cutest thing. ArA has grown in so many ways. She patiently agrees to manicures, pedicures, and grooming. She asks so nicely for her daily treats, and shows us her wild side occasionally, jumping through her tunnel and tent in the living room, running sideways with her back arched (trying to scare us), and sometimes playfully begging to be "chased" through the rooms of the apartment. She has learned how to get up onto the highest surfaces she can find, where she can intently watch everything in the room. And of course, she LOVES her naps. Anyway, hoping you enjoy these photos. -Paul & Lina

Blue point and Seal point Himalayans sitting in the window

Hi there, I thought I would send you some pictures of the boys all grown up. They are such sweety pies. Moonpie is such a cuddly little boy--likes to sleep in my arms and purrs up a storm. He's a talker too. Moonpie is my little swishy tail boy. Likes to rub up against your legs and then plops himself on your feet. They both love to be with us--following us around the house--even if it's to run upstairs to get something real quick, they like to follow us. They are also very devoted to each other. They like to wash each others face--at the same time. It's funny to watch. I definitely think I got the cream of the crop :) Enjoy the pictures. - Cynthia, Rockland, NY


Himalayans cuddling together

Finding you and your babies has made my whole family (sons, grandson, Jack) so very happy....Dana is a character and we love to be in his presence....He is smart, funny and playful (at all hours of the night)..Golfing is his passion, I kid you not....really great to hear him 'on the course' at 4 AM, hitting his golf balls on the wood floors....Grrrrr....He is everything I hoped he would be and more....Fox deals with him well; they are inseparable and Fox is tolerant of Dana's antics.....What a pair...not hard on the eyes either....Are there more beautiful cats, perhaps, but I haven't found any...stay warm,

- maxine

Hi Joan,

Please don't feel as if you have to respond to this email. You have enough to do with all your babies. Just wanted you to know: We love him, we love him, we love him!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the most well adjusted little kitten. He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives in such a very short time. At night now around 9 or so he starts meowing to Jimmy. That means I want to go to bed with you now!!! Off the two go and he hops up on the bed next to Jimmy's chest and goes off to sleep. I can't believe what I am seeing!!!!!! He already knows his name and if you call and ask where he is he will come to you. I adore him and yes, he knows it. We are so happy and blessed with him. Thanks, Marge

Himalayan restingHi Joan
Doesn't she look adorable? I cant tell you how much I love her. All my friends adore her too. She is so spunky and chases Penelope all around the house. I usually have a midnight snack...with my string cheese...and she is all over me. You should see her. I thank you so very much, with out you I wouldn't have little Kiwi. I named her that after your kitty. I will send you more pictures as soon as I can get them from my camera. I still don't know what I'm doing. Haha. Hope your doing well.. -Love Sam-

Himalayan kittens cuddling together

Hi Joan -- Just wanted to let you know that Flame Flame (new name Boomer) has adjusted very well to his new home and his new friend (he never lets Oscar out of his sight!). He was even down the shore for Memorial Day weekend (at our beach house, not on the beach). Here are a few pix of him. He's gained some weight, he's now 3 1/2 pounds and is very healthy.

We're just loving him!! Best regards, Linda

Flame point HimalayanHow do you like our little boy??? He and Miki are fast friends now and Miki has finally stopped his plaintive mahrowling around the house looking for his former lost friend... They play lots and Miki keeps Beaudie's face clean... name Beaudie Princepurr Kingsly...The kitty sleeps with us... on the pillows over our heads each night... you did a great job raising him as he does not scratch our furniture but does go to the four scratch objects, which are placed around our home....he is a verrrry nice kitty so sweet and very pretty too... thought you would like a 16 week update... How is the pool going... did it get to be complete before September??? We will not close ours until 3rd week in October... I like to sit by poolside even if it is too cold to go in... but with our recent weather, we are still swimming.
Warm Regards, Barbara

Merry Christmas Joan and Ed,

Michael and I just wanted to thank you for giving us the two most precious gifts that we have been blessed with, Remi and Tortie Girl. We just wanted to share our first family picture with you and we are working on a new picture that captures all four of us!

Take care and Godbless. We will stay in touch!!

Thank you, Ferith

Hi Joan!
How are you? Hope that you had a great summer - seems like it went so quickly this year.

I wanted to send you a few updated pictures of Pepper. She is such a joy to have around the house - bringing her into our home has been one of the best things that we have ever done. She is so lovable and cozy - she loves to lay with us - even Jeff or I lay on the sofa for a bit, she is right there cuddled up next to us. When I get home from work - she is always there to greet me with her meows. She is very vocal, very playful, but also knows when to just relax with us. You can rest assured that she is a very loved kitten - everyone who meets her instantly falls in love! We can't help but spoil her as much as we can.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello - and I hope you are doing well. I'll continue to send updates as she grows...
Best Regards,

Hi Joan,

I just had to write you and tell you how happy we are with our kitten. We named her Kiki, she had her visit to the vet last week and everything is good. She is growing up so fast, she is double the size from when we first got her and more beautiful everyday. She is so much fun, she has the best personality, one minuet she is purring and rubbing her face on mine and the next she is running through the house like a crazy girl. She sleeps on my pillow every night and follows me through the house wherever I go. I love her so much!! Thanks!!

How are the new kittens? I bet they are beautiful, I think we are going to stay with just the one for now, but if we ever decide to expand the family we have your number.

Once I get some pictures printed I will send you one.

Thanks again!!

Hania and Wayne

Hi Joan!
Just wanted to give you an update on how Missa is doing. She's such a wonderful addition to our family, and is so playful and loving. She right away began to get along with our adult male Persian (who's a tough customer, so that's a good sign!), and my long-haired tabby, who is so happy to finally have a play-mate! She follows my six-year-old around like a puppy, and loves to play with him. She even sleeps on his bed!
I also wanted to know if you were expecting any litters soon, as we are looking forward to another little kitty to join our family. Any flame-points on the way? Let me know, we'd love another! Thanks!

-Liz Langoski

Himalayan kitties

Hope all is well.

I had told you I would send you some pictures and just haven't gotten around to it. Barney and Boomer are doing well. Barney is standing up in the picture. Both unique personalities but love each other very much and are inseparable.

Thank you for your beautiful kitties.

Regards, Angela

Himalayan kitten taking a napJoan,
Just to let you know she has brought so much joy to our home and is such a good little girl. She is really a Daddy's girl I come home and say Mercedes I am home and she comes out and says ok, Ralf comes home she bounces around his feet like daddy daddy its me look at me. He had to be gone last week to Chicago and when he came home late Thursday night she flew off the couch to bounce around him - he eats this all up. She had a nice first Christmas with many gifts from family and friends but she likes pens and paper best and only wants the pen you are using. She is growing fast, you forget how busy they are vs one that was 16 she can wear you out in a day. Thank You again for letting her come into our home. - Gail

Himalayan kitten sleepingHi Joan, I just had to write to tell you how much we love our baby. He is just the sweetest little baby boy. My parents came over and met him for the first time and my mom said how is it that you got another fantastic cat with such a great personality. He already has run of the house, which is a mini version of yours!! Haha. He does not like the playhouse though, either does Tiamo. He is so sweet with Sienna that when I came in her room late last night to check on her, they were sleeping so closely that his paw was on her face!! I went to get the camera but he must of heard me and followed me downstairs. He sat right by the fridge, we cannot believe this little guy, he begs more than a dog. We've been calling him mangia, which I'm sure you know means eat in Italian. Well, hope all is well with you. We just absolutely love little romeo, luciano, bobo bunny etc. We call this kitten every name there is and he comes to them all!! HaHa. Remember what I said about stopping by ---- anytime. Thanks again and I will send pictures soon. Take care, -Deb

Hi Joan,

Our baby has settled in and we are so happy to have her with us.

She loves to play and to be with not only us, but everyone who comes to visit. She sleeps with us at night and greets us when we come home.

We decided to name her Princess because she is going to be treated like one!


I am so happy you enjoyed the card. You are a terrific breeder and we are so fortunate to have found you!!!!!! I showed my mom the picture of Jeremy and she went crazy. I don;t know how this is going to play out, my father doesn't really want the kitten but my brother is going to talk to him. Will see. I will be in touch in with you. -Kathy

Himalayan kittens relaxing

Dear Joan

Just thought you'd like to see how gorgeous Lalita is and how happy she is with her boyfriend

We adore her!


Anne Kagan Mallis

Hi Joan, I was going to email you tonight about Bella. She's got the run of the house and loves it. She purrs when she gets her fur combed. (my last cat fought every minute.) She sleeps in my daughters bed every night. She's a great kitten. She's home. Thanks, Jim

Hey Joan,

Thought you would enjoy some pix of Nikky..He's into everything! Always exploring and sometimes gets himself into trouble. He's wonderful. He's happy, healthy and loving life.

We luv him to pieces..Hope this finds you and Ed well..

Luv, Bev, Mom, Nikky

Himalalyan cats sleeping together
Hi Joan....Chanel Rose is the sweetest baby doll in the whole world. Dolce loves her too ..... maybe just a little too much. He has a habit of holding her in place with his big paws and licking her head and face all over. She seems to like it except when she is on her back and he's licking her belly and her little tiny face is smothered by his big furry body.....then she whimpers 'cause it appears like she can't breath and can't move. I really gotta watch him....he's a little too rough when he plays with her. Anyway, she's a good girl...I took her to my ma's assisted living home and all the old ladies loved her and made such a fuss. I'm going to bring her up there every few weeks so my mother can see how she's growing.

I wanted to ask you....Chanel is thirteen weeks old now and should I bring her to the vet for her last kitten shots? I forgot the protocol for kittens since it's been so long since I had one.
Take care. -Karen Rose

Himalayan cat loving his pillowsHi Joan,

Dana was neutered last Friday and is none the worse for the experience. He came home Friday evening without skipping a beat (or a meal)......His personality is amazing!!!! He is friendly, affectionate, loves everyone, follows his people everywhere (including the bathroom) and loves sitting in sinks and shower stalls.....He fetches his mousies and greets us in the morning by dropping one between us.....What a cat....he is no longer a kitty and the vet thinks he will be large (he is as big as Fox) which is great!!! hope all your kitties are well...we are off to London this Saturday for 8 days and then will be home for the balance.....maxine

Hi Joan,

Sorry it took so long to send you some pictures, She is doing great and so playful and loving!!

We let our daughter name her and she picked Winter Harmony, she said because that's when she got her in the "winter"!!! And it fits her perfectly!!

Bella is always carrying her (no walking necessary for Winter)!! Winter sleeps with Bella, the bond is amazing !! Thank you so much and we are so happy with her!!

Daniella & Izabella

Hello Joan,

Thank you for understanding. I will let you know how Sofie gets along with her new adopted sister. She is really a sweetie----follows me around the house, even when I am vacuuming!

You should really get yourself a website!!! I think people will be amazed with your "cat room" and how well taken care of your kittens are. You will end up with a waiting list for your babies!

I will email or talk to you soon.



My family got a kitten from you in March and we love
him! He's been great. We named him Toulouse. We are
interested in knowing when you are going to have kittens
available again. My twenty-one year old daughter would like
one for her own. I look forward to hearing from you!

Dominique Rasmussen

Hi Joan,

It's been a while since we corresponded. Siena is doing fine. She started out very mellow but has turned into somewhat of a rascal. She likes to tease the dog and jump into the shower and

bath tub. She has quite the nose for good Thai food but we just chase her away from the table. She'll sleep with Mary or I but only at the top of the pillow.

She has the same fetish as her sister for lying across my keyboard and chasing the mouse cursor on my Apple screen. Her growth has been steady and she no longer looks like a kitten. The pictures I've attached are 3 to 4 months old. She's much bigger.

I hope all is well with you.

-Rich Luongo

Hi Joan,

Just thought I'd let you know that "Callalily" (we thought we were going with Lily but we decided she looks like a Callie so we went with Callalily and call her Callie) is doing great. Her and Cody have become best friends.

Callie has the more mischievous streak to her. She follows Cody wherever he goes.

I attached a few pictures. -Mitch

Hi Joan, Lola aka "tortie girl" turns one today! We thought you might like to see a few pictures of her. She's petite and adorable. She and Boscotti are great friends. We love her.

Sincerely, Karen and Bill Wirtz

Hello Joan,

It has been five months since I made the best purchase of my life. Prior to purchasing Baby, I completed a lot of research on kittens and could not be happier with my choice of a Himalayan. He has made my family so happy, we are all just so in love with him. He quickly became a part of our family. His personality and the love he shows you is truly a gift. Baby was born on March 17, 2010 he is now five months old. Here is a recent photo of Baby in his favorite spot, in our master bathroom sink.

Thank you,
Doris from South Jersey

Hi Joan!!! How are you and all the kitties?

I wanted to let you know how wonderful Kallie’s last baby girl is doing in my home. I decided to name her Keely, which means “beautiful” in Ireland. She is growing very strong as is attached at the hip to my Pomeranian Barli. They spend all day and all night together, sleeping under my bed. I hear purring throughout the night since Keely is so happy with Barli. They play all the time, wrestling and chasing each other. I never would have believed a dog and cat could be this inseparable! When I go out to run errands, they wait for me together in the window as you can see in the picture.

My older cat Zip is just enjoying watching them and they kind of leave her alone, which she seems to not mind at all. Keely would much rather play with Barli because she is young and energetic I guess.

Thanks again for giving us this adorable new member to our family! She is such a doll and I just wanted you to know how well she has adjusted.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,


Hi Joan!

The kittens are doing wonderful! They are loving and playful and already act like they own the place! We couldn't be happier with them, especially that we got two! You are right, it is really no more work than one cat and they have adjusted so much faster. Thank you so much again for breeding these beautiful babies!!

With Gratitude,
The Kisto Family

Hi Joan:

I wanted to send you a couple of photos - Coco is settling in very well. Yesterday Coco and Daisy got within 6 inches of each other, face to face, with no hissing. I predict they will be playing together soon. My son got very attached to her and wanted to bring her back home with us! My parents are very thrilled with their new addition and Coco is such a sweet tempered, loving little girl with a big purr.

Thanks for all your efforts and for the wonderful work you do.


Hi Joan:

How are you? This is Maria and the Brooklyn Boy. We gave him the name “Corazon” which means “heart” in Spanish. He is almost 9 months old now and he is so sweet, tender and playful. We love him so much! He became so fluffy and so beautiful!!! I cant help caressing him most of the time when I’m home. I’m surprised that he’s so smart. We don’t need the alarm in the morning, he knows his schedule and always makes us wake up in time.

I‘m very grateful that I found your website because your cats are amazing. Corazon became a member of our family and we are so happy to have him.

I attached some of his pictures to this letter, please have a look!


Hi Joan,

Just wanted to let you know how great Mia is! She's so playful and loves attention!! Her personality is so cute. The first time I took her to the vet they all loved her. The vet thought she was so cute and took pictures of her to show the staff who were not there that day! I had to take her again on Thursday to get another shot and they were all so excited to see her again! Too funny! The vet asked for your website because she said a lot of people call and ask for good breeders. Just wanted to give you a little update. I will send pictures of her when she gets bigger so you can see her beautiful points! Happy New Year!

Danielle Nejman

just thought you might enjoy.
i take cosmo everywhere....he is the sweetest most loving kitty ever....everyone loves him everyone takes pics of him...thank you so much joan for cosmo...he has brought me so much joy....
xo kathi

Hi Joan

Just wanted to give you an update on Amaretta Angel- Ammy for short. She is extremely loving and quite a piston in the morning. She is on the move and all over the place. She is happy and affectionate as you said she would be. Just turned 5 months on 9/7 and is already 6 pounds. A very healthy eater and as you can see quite Beautiful. I love her dearly and feel blessed to have her. Thank-you! She does not have a playmate yet, But as promised I plan to do so- before she is a year old. Again thank-you and who knows I may contact you again for another Kitty!


Pamela Sandifer- A Happy Owner of a Karista Kat

Hi Joan,

Pebbles turned one year old today. She is a happy kitty. She is so playful and so much fun. She and Frosty are getting along just fine. They play together everyday. Pebbles would love to cuddle with Frost, but he isn't the cuddling type.

We are so delighted with Pebbles and enjoy all of her daily habits such as joining us at the dinner table, visiting us in bed for 10 minutes each night and playing fetch with her toys.

Thank you for raising such beautiful kittens and loving them for the first three months of their lives.

We love this little girl so much and enjoy everything about her.

Thank you again,
Thelma and Steve Weeks


Thank you so much for our little kitty Dolce! She is such a sweetie and she really brings us so much joy.

When we adopted her 4 years ago on February 26th, 2008 we had no idea the amount of love we could have for a kitten!

It is so funny to see all of the things she gets into. We love every hair on her body! Especially the hair between her toes (which we call NIKE hairs).

Again thank you so much for our little baby! We love her!

Lisa & Claudia

Hello Joan! Happy Holidays to you!

Here are two pictures of Angelina Noel from this summer. We have a Yacht that we spend most of our summers on, we take Angelina with us. She loves it! Angelina will be two years old in December.

You have such beautiful, healthy kittens and cats. Angelina is a true delight, so beautiful and follows me everywhere (she loves my son too). She is sweet, playful and loving! So much that I am looking for a male kitten to spoil as well. I am interested in either a male Seal or Chocolate Point from Kozette.

Please keep me in mind. All the best. Janet Spence

P.S. You can see her pure beauty, she is so precious to even look at . . . loving her is so easy to do. My husband says that I spoil her more than him and the kids. He may be right.


Our little Cocoa bean at 18 months...

We love her every waking moment! Thank you again for bringing her into our lives!!

Lisa and Greg

Dear Joan,

My flamepoint kitten, Kringle (a.k.a. Little Flame), will be one year old tomorrow, December 17, 2012. Kringle is beautiful, and he has a wonderful spirit. He is a big boy with a very healthy appetite; he weighs about ten pounds. His favorite place to sleep is in his kitty hammock. It is so much fun to watch my youngest daughter and Kringle play "tag" with each other. This will be our first Christmas with Kringle, so I will enjoy watching his reactions and curiosity to having a fresh tree in the house, along with the lights and all of the decorations. My entire family loves Kringle, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for him. (I attached a couple of pictures for you to see.)

Merrry Christmas!

Hi Joan,

I hope this message finds you and your family well. I thought you might like to see some new pictures of the cats. I can't believe it has now been a year since I brought them home. They are the most healthy, loving and beautiful cats. Eleanor has quite a personality, and she is so affectionate. As soon as I walk into a room, she runs in front of me and lays on her back for me to rub her belly! I have never seen anything like it! Rigby is very attached to my daughter and sleeps with her every night. We recently also adopted a dog, Sadie, and her and Rigby are the best of friends. When he's not with my daughter, he's in Sadie's crate snuggled up with her. Eleanor of course, is the queen of the house!

I can't thank you enough for the care and love you gave to the kitties. They are most definitely a product of a happy home. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Keith & Tracie

Hi Joan,

We just wanted to send along a note to let you know what a blessing “Bear and Brooke” have been to us. They are the absolute best of friends to each other. They play and sleep together and if one is around you know the other isn’t far behind. We hope you enjoy the pictures. These are Korey’s kittens July 2011 a tortie girl and seal point boy.

All the best,

Rich and Anne Sigg


Just sending you a note on our new kitten, Mr. Snowball Fluffypants, (named by my daughter) is doing great. He is an absolute joy to have around the house! What an outgoing personality this little kitten has. He greets all visitors at the door and demands their attention (even strangers!). He has the run of the house now and enjoys following us wherever we go. At night he also enjoys cat naps on my chest while I lay on the couch and watch TV. My daughter enjoys playing with him as he chases her around the house while she pulls a mouse on a string. Lots of cuddling, playing and purring...I would say he is very happy at his new home. I will send some photos in a few months as he grows.


Dan Campbell

Hi this is Melissa Kaplan, we purchased our Mia from you in 2010.

I just wanted to let you know that Mia is the most special family member. She is so loved and as you can see in the picture her favorite is my daughter Zoe.

Thank you for providing this joy to us. The Kaplans

Hi Joan,

Hope all is well and you are enjoying Spring. Furby is a real delight. He is growing by leaps and bounds, and Barbara thinks he is already Zoe's size. He was just 6 mos. and is a big boy.

I really am amazed at how sweet and lovable he is. Everyone loves him, and he makes himself comfortable with anyone that visits. He is so handsome with his snow white fur and flame points. I am never bored, he is active, talkative, and keeps me on the move.

I am thoroughly surprised on how much more social and cuddly he is compared to my Shalimar. Shalimar was more aloof and not as friendly.

Thank you so much for such an absolutely wonderful kitten.

Karen (Furby too!)

Hi Joan! I bought a beautiful Himalayan from you named Bode or "Beaudie"

His litter mate was a cat you were going to keep and name Kasper! I love my boy! Here are two pics of him ... the first taken about 3 years ago and the one with the leopard pillow behind him was taken 6 months ago (he is my best friend) ..."Comes to me each morning when I am in the kitchen doing chores... taps me to come sit with him on the couch in the living room for petting and combing" Glad to see you are still breeding ... Bode's best friend is Miki, another Sealpoint himalayan...now 15 years of age... someday I hope not too soon I will be back for a new friend for Bode...
Barb Hill

Hi Joan,

Here's another photo of Kona, our seal girl from the June 10, 2012 litter. She is so sweet and loving, she jumps up on our lap, gets as close as she can to our face and then pushes her head down into our neck.

Look at those eyes, ice like, amazing!

She lets me photograph her, she's a ham.

Our blue girl is camera shy, I never get good photos of her.


Hi Joan!

Thor and Frodo....sleeping.

Such cute sweet kitties!! We love them so very, very much.

Hope all is well. Thank you again for the two best little sweet peas in the world. xo



We are thinking about naming the cute little guy, O'Malley. He is adapting quickly and has decided that he wants to sleep with us. He snuggles up in the down comforter and looks totally at home.

I attached a pic for you that I took tonight with my cell phone. I will upload some from my camera soon.

He is adorable and has brought a lot of joy to our home. Thanks for raising such a loving, playful kitten.


Hi Joan!

Just wanted to send you the latest photo of Phineas.

All is well and we just love the little fella.

Thank you!



I just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know that our precious Cannoli has been a blessing to our family. I didn't know how things would be having another cat in our house and how we would transition into having a male cat. He is so unique. He is huge. Weighing in at 10 pounds. He has the largest paws ever.. He gets along so well with our little dog and Bella, our chocolate himalayan. He is so talkative. He loves laying on his back. Too fun, I can't believe he turns a year old today! We just Love him so much!!

Just wanted to send you some pictures of him. Thank you so much for choosing us to make our home his forever home!!

Daniela Boykin

After his bath. Not too happy!

It's my birthday!! I am 1 year old today!

Hi Joan!

Thought I'd send you a couple of recent pics of Chloe! Love love LOVE her!! She's a beauty!

Can't wait for Krystal or Koko's next litter!!

See you soon, Janine and Annamarie

Dear Joan

Just had to tell you how very much I LOVE Lalita...she is my angel.

She was Kallie's kitten born in June 2009.

Anyway...Lalita has 2 boyfriends and a wonderful happy life

Bless you for raising her xox Annie Kagan!!!

Lalita was the little girl in the sleepytime millions TV commercial

Hi Joan,

Happy Thanksgiving and we just wanted to update you on our wonderful new baby.

He is growing up beautifully and is a curious little imp. He gets along with Lulu our cat and delights in chasing our mini Labradoodle Max.

Every day is made more enjoyable watching him explore and learn new ways to make us love him more. Carol

Dear Joan

Just a short note to wish you and your husband a warm and wonderful holiday season. Here are a couple of pictures of Fiona (seal pointe) and Francine (blue pointe). They are both doing so well - happy and healthy. We are truly blessed.

Warm regards,

Nancy and Gerard

Hi Joan -

It's been just over a week since we brought Baby Kozey home. Her new name is Lady George, but we call her Gigi. She has settled into a nice routine. She is a good eater, and literally plays for hours before collapsing next to Stella. Attached is a picture. She is incredibly sweet - she loves to snuggle in with AJ and I under the covers, purring away. It took a few days, but she and Lady James (Puff) are playing together nicely. They sound like a herd of elephants running up and down the stairs. They don't sleep together yet, but I'm sure that's coming as well. Having dealt with other breeders in the past, I can't say enough good things about you and the kittens you're raising.

Thanks so much, Joan!
Jennifer and AJ

Hi Joan,

I just wanted to thank you again for our lovely Julius. He is a bundle of joy. He loves to be brushed and pampered! Here is his 1st birthday picture.

Kind Regards!

Jen Fox

O'Malley is 1 today. So hard to believe. He is such a sweet, beautiful boy who adds joy to our lives daily.


Hi Joan,

Remember us?!
We can't believe Luke and Leia are almost 10 months old. They are getting so big and are the loves of our lives!

These photos were taken in May when the kittens were 8 months old. They are bigger and fluffier now!! They have distinct meows so we know exactly who's talking when we are in different rooms. Their personalities are so different and so big. Luke continues to be a love bug. Sleeping all night on our heads and loves to be held. But he's getting heavy, haha. Leia, has become an independent beauty AND she wants everyone to know how beautiful she is when she sits high on her condo or the back of a big chair we have. With a little squeak meow she says, "Look at me!" Under her puffy, fluffy fur she is tiny and has picked up the name, "Baby Leia".

The two play fiercely together, running around like lunatics every night from 10:30 PM to midnight until they pass out in bed with Kevin and I. Snuggling tight. Purring loudly. And often sleeping on their backs with their paws in the air. Hysterical!!!

Thank you for helping bring Luke and Leia to us!

And this is their cousin Josetta as well!!

We called this photo shoot "Josie and the Pussy Cats"

Tina & Kevin Mc Kearney


Thought you would appreciate a picture of our precious baby...still a kitten at 3!


Hi Joan,

Passing along a few photos of the girls. They are now two and just too cute for words. Very loving. Our seal girl is HUGE. Heather McCarty


Hi Joan!

Look how gorgeous my little boy Lucky is! We love him beyond words! He is always Hima"layin" around! Haha..hope all is well with you!


Hi Joan - It's Kathleen O'Donnell. First of all I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the most amazing kitten in the world!!!! This little girl of ours (Princess Fiona or FiFi for short!) actually seems too good to be true!!!! She is such a huge part of our family and just so loved and adored by everyone of us. She is always right in the center of the action no matter what we are doing, she never, ever prefers to hide off by herself- she just wants to be wherever we are. She also loves to lay on the toilet (I make her a comfy bed with the towels) and she hangs out with me when I take a bath!!!! To say I'm in love with her is an understatement!!!
I was hoping you could suggest a product - or what you use on your cats- for cleaning out under her eyes? She is so good about letting me do it, but the wipes I'm using don't seem to be working too well and sometimes the food gets yucky under there when she eats a certain brand of wet food she loves.

Thanks again Joan ~ your cats really are something special !!!!!

Hi Joan

How are you? Hope all is well. I know it’s been awhile, but I wanted to share a picture of our beautiful Sami with you and show you how great she is.

Her and Reyna play like sisters, we love it. Sami is still the talker and we wouldn’t have it any other way and health wise, she is great as well.

It’s amazing how the time goes and that we’ve had Sami for a little over two (2) years now. There isn’t a person who doesn’t come into our home without complimenting how beautiful she is, so of course I tell them of you.

Anyway, didn’t want to keep you long just wanted to give a quick update on Sami and send a picture.

Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday season.

All the best,

Karen Gumprecht

Hi Joan

They are doing sooo well!!! She is beautiful and into everything, on the table trying to join our meals and so purry but not as affectionate as Theo.

He is really handsome now, fur is in and he is getting sooo big, think he weighs more than Lulu. He is the complete package of affection and snuggles.

They are nuts together chasing, jumping, playing, grooming each other ...but most of all I am so happy we got two to keep each other company!!!

We have bathed them, clipped them, and I groom them daily. Andie will be starting allergy shots because she is sooo allergic and her asthma flares up, but of course I find them on her bed snuggling daily while she does her homework!

We are all in love with them...
Thanks Joan!!!
Amy Steinberg

Hi Joan,

Hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to send you a picture of Luna, who turns two soon. She and Delilah are doing great (Kozette's babies). The household lost 2 kitties this past year, so having them has made this difficult time a little easier to handle.

Delilah is sweet and loves to talk. Luna is the happiest cat I've ever met. She's always purring and loves to snuggle.

Enjoy this holiday season!



How are you?? I just wanted to let you know that my love "Zoe" will be 4 years old next month (on March 24th).

I can't believe it. It does not seem that long ago when I came to your house and picked her out.

I want to thank you again for the sweetest and very loving cat. I love Zoe so much.

How are your mother cats and kittens doing?. I have not seen any new kittens on your website since Sept. 2014. I can't help myself, I look every day at your website to see the beautiful kittens. I see that you have a couple of new moms too.

If you are ever down here again, please call me and come and see Zoe and me.


Hi Joan, We celebrated Buddy's 9th birthday on Wednesday .... We had lost our first chihuahua after 15 years this past year 2014: (after months we noticed that Buddy was acting strange and his behavior wasn't the same, how strange that a pet can feel a loss like we can)... It was very hard for us to get another puppy, with the kids as well upset we went and got another little one. Enclosed you will see both of them by the fire this past week... They're always playing together like if they knew each other... Buddy's getting back to himself slowly.... Hope you like the pics...... Joanne

Hi Joan,

We are so in love with our Sofi. I've attached a recent picture- isn't she beautiful? She looks a lot like her dad, Kona, and has a big fluffy plume of a tail.
She is a wonderful little girl, very loving and fun. She is smart, always coming when she's called, although she's rarely left behind. You were so right, she always wants to be with us. She and Mimi, our other cat, are getting along well too.
Thank you so much for her. I hope you and all of the other kitties are doing well.


ps. always checking the website for new babies.

Hi Joan,

We adopted our precious Sebastian 12 years ago and he is an absolute joy in every way. I wanted to attach some pictures of him because I stumbled across your website the other day and I was struck by how much he looks like his mom, Kiwi!

We have recently lost our dog, who Sebastian grew up with, and we were thinking about adopting a kitten friend for him. Do you have any litters upcoming?

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the pics of our beautiful boy!

Thank you,

Danielle Diglio

Good morning, Joan,

It's Ellen here from Clifton Park, NY. Mark and I purchased Robie from you back in December. He was one of Kassandra's kittens from her litter born September 22, 2014.
We just wanted to tell you what a wonderful boy he is! He LOVES all the other cats, and is just about the sweetest kitty in the world. He is a purring factory and loves to play and play until he falls asleep from exhaustion! We could not be more pleased.

I just wanted you to know how much we love him, and how he has enhanced our lives as well as the lives of our other kitties. The transition in bringing him home was easy, because of his beautiful disposition. I hope all is well with you-- I saw some more beautiful babies from your recent litters..if only we had room for one more! We are good at six, for now.

Take care and enjoy your spring!
Mark and Ellen
Clifton Park, NY

Hi Joan,

Here is Olive and she is soo smart, intuitive and adorable. Great companion love her so much.

She has a sister Emily, the dear heart chinchilla sliver Persian that I spoke about. We have had Emily for two weeks so we are adjusting but they do love each other already.

Thanks Heidi

Dear Joan,

Well it has been one year, so today, May 14 it is Merlin's birthday!! The son of Kuddles and Kassandra, whom I picked up last August 1, 2014, has grown up to be a wonderful addition to my home! Along with Rupert and Nimue, my female, he has blended in seamlessly! He is robust, mischievous, sweet, obedient, adventurous, clever, intelligent, full of constant energy, and loves me dearly! His maturity at such a young age is remarkable as well as his unusual disposition which I have to say is quite charming! He respects and loves my 17 year old Nimue and sleeps near her at night. He is so playful with three-year old Rupert and they are incredible buddies. They are playing constantly and Rupert even licks his head!

I had him neutered after seven months old and he acted like nothing happened, since he was raring to go when I brought him home!

He is currently 10 lbs. and is fully grown. I have included some photographs of him and his two friends. I have been extremely pleased with Merlin and am grateful that I found your cattery. I remembered that you said that Kuddles was 14 when he sired Merlin but I was unsure of how old Kassandra was at the time of her litter that produced Merlin. Was she four years old? I know that Kuddles was to be neutered the next week after I picked up Merlin, so I am assuming that Merlin is from the last litter Kuddles sired.

Merlin is incredible!

Thank you again for having such a wonderful cattery and such wonderful cats!!

Quite sincerely,
Hoboken, New Jersey

Hi Joan,

Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope all is well with you and all of the beautiful kitties. Kona is coming up on a year old and is doing great. She has calmed down quite a bit, but still loves to be in the center of everything. I have been teaching her to "talk" and it's pretty funny. If I meow at her, she meows right back, and we carry on a "conversation" back and forth. She won't do it with anyone else but me though!

My oldest cat is not doing well at all, lots of congestion and coughing even though her lungs are clear and heart seems ok. I am so sad to see her this way, but do realize that she is almost 18. On the other hand she still seems happy and is eating well, so maybe this will pass.

Love seeing all of the new kittens on your web page, makes me want a few more (!!)

Take care,

Hi Joan,

Just wanted to give you an update on the kittens. .
Lele is the blue point. He is big, his paws are huge! He plays non stop. His favorite relaxing position is flat on his back with legs spread. He follows mom everywhere. Usually with his favorite toy in his mouth. His fur is so thick and beautiful. He loves being held, having his belly rubbed.

Loki is the seal. He is the most social cat I've ever seen. He's a bit smaller in size. Just as playful. But he's not too happy being held compared to Lele who could be held all day long and love it. Loki also follows mom every where...his fur is also beautiful and thick.

Both kittens were neutered on November 10th. They are playing and eating well. Using the litter box with no problems. Being as social as ever. My mom just loves these cats..she is so happy..

Thank you Joan!

Hi Joan,

Today we are celebrating Peppermint's first birthday. He is such a joy for Steve and I. Pepper and Pebbles (who is now 3) are great friends and play together nicely. Peppermint has a beautiful coat and a gorgeous tail. He keeps us entertained with his fun personality and manages to be the center of attention whenever we have company.

Thank you for the two best kitties. They are both so healthy and loving. Pepper enjoys his belly rubs and Pebbles enjoys being petted each night.

Thank you again for breeding the most precious kittens. Happy New Year to you and all your kitties.

Steve and Thelma Weeks


Here is an update on your Sealpoint Male that I purchased from you! He's amazing and getting big. The greatest personality and has completely bonded with our Brussels Griffon, Leila! So sweet.

Thanks again,


Hi Joan-

I hope you had a great Christmas. This was our first year without a tree - Gigi girl simply wouldn't allow it to happen. I have never seen a cat get into more things that she shouldn't - one of her nicknames is trouble with a capital G. She certainly enjoyed her first Christmas - she was definitely spoiled. Since today is her first birthday, I thought I'd share a few pictures. She is a beautiful cat, but don't let the sweet face fool you. Like I said, she's nothing but trouble. But in the best possible way. Unless it's 3am and she's intentionally knocking things down around the house or torturing poor Puff. One of her favorite games is to wait until Puff is falling asleep and then jump on her to wake her up. They get along really well, as much as Puff would like to deny it. Gigi is a real character. Still loves to snuggle under the blankets with us and our pug everyday and is generally underfoot wherever we are in the house. I hope all is well with you and all of those gorgeous creatures you are lucky enough to share your home with.

Wishing you all the best this new year-

Jennifer and AJ

Merry Christmas, Joan. Just a quick note to say our kitty is a super sweet, beautiful boy. We love him.

The McCloskeys

Hi Joan I wanted to let you know that Willow is doing so well and we love having her part of our family.

Thank you, Donna Grazia.

Ps she and Dakota are true buddies!!

Hey Joan!

Just sending a picture of Jax and Cocoa at 7 months old. Can't tell you how much joy these two precious babies bring us. If I didn't know better, I would swear they are dogs in a cat's body lol.

Jax is really starting to develop some color all through his coat and Cocoa well the chocolate colors are getting darker.They are very healthy and very loved by us all.

Hope all is well with you and all your kitties. I will send a picture when they are 1 year old.

Take care -- Emma--

Hi Joan,

Life has been very busy but I just wanted you to see what a handsome devil our boy has become.

My husband swears he has never seen any of our pets with such a remarkable personality as our boy has.


Good morning Ms. Joan,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to get your opinion as a breeder on adding a kitten to one’s home. Kevin and I are so in love with Cotton (the bluepoint male) that you sold us. When we purchased him we thought of buying two kittens but thought it would be best to start out with one kitten. We really regret not purchasing one of his siblings. His brother, the little blue and white Persian male was so adorable, every time I look at the picture on your website of the two of them together it makes me wish we purchased two. The topic if adding an additional kitten to our home has come up several times. I wanted to get your opinion on:

How do you think Cotton will react to an additional kitten? As I mentioned we have contemplated adding one but are hesitant. Cotton is such a dream kitten that we would hate for him to dislike the new kitten and his personality change. This is our only reason for not purchasing one at this point. On the two days that we both work outside of the home, he is waiting by the door for us when we get home. I like to think it is because he misses his mommy, but I would hate to think it is because he is lonely/bored during the day. Your thoughts on this?

Would you have any kittens coming up soon? Any of the Persians like his litter? My husband loves the blue point coloring but I think he would probably ideally like a different color. He loved the blue and white Persian coloring of his brother.

I apologize for the delay. Enclosed are a few of my favorite pictures of Cotton. I have loads of videos of him if you ever would like to see him in action.


Janna Ford

Joan -

We are delighted that Oscar is a part of our family! My only concern is that he loves Noelle more than me!

I have attached a photo of him for you, he certainly has made himself at home.

All the best,


Hi Joan!

Happy holidays from Seattle!

Hope all is well with you and the kitties.

Thought you'd like to see a picture of little Xiao Mei - here she is playing with her house-mate Zelda.
The kitty cube masks Zelda's size somewhat, but they are getting along fine. Xiao Mei is such a sweet and outgoing kitty! It's obvious she was raised well, with lots of love.

She goes in for her rabies shot at the end of this month.


Hi Joan-

Happy Holidays!

Hope you are doing well. Looks like you have many adorable kittens currently- love the seal boys- but I guess I am partial now.??

Been about a year since we picked up Benny- thought I'd check in. He is a very special boy. We think he thinks he is a dog. He is sweeter than sweet and beautiful too!

Thanks again. Have a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year!

Melanie & Alexa

Hi Joan,

Just wanted to thank you for our beautiful Himalayan girl. We love her so much...We named her Sasha and she changes everyday. She is lovable, funny, and loves to be carried around like a baby...she is 5.5 lbs. Sasha is such a great cat! She is so sweet, playful, vocal...everything in one package. We just love watching her colors change. We say she is like a box of chocolates...LOL.

Looking forward to seeing you when we are ready to give her a playmate... Have a fantastic Holiday and thanks again for this beauty!

Merry Christmas!
Diane, Rob, & Sasha

Hi Joan,

How are you doing? I'm sure just fine with all your kitties. You had asked me at one time to send you a picture of Zoe when she was full grown.

Well, she's just about a year now (her first birthday is right around the corner, 7/2). Here's a pretty good photo of her. She loves - I should have capped that for emphasis - LOVES her toys. She brings them into my bed at all hours always eager to play. She's quite a character. She loves her Bailey (my other kit-kat), too. They really are inseparable. I love her so much - as I told you, I knew in my heart when I found your website that I was meant to get a kitty from you.

Fondly, Melissa

Dear Joan,

Bellissima Elisa and I send you our best wishes for this New Year! May peace, joy and abundance fill your kind heart and warm home always.

Here is a picture of Bella before she put her winter coat on. Enjoy! Amore mio is so giving and smart, truly a joy to live with at any given moment.

Elisa’s new passion is a game made out of silk paper and soft ribbons. A ribbon slowly moves around or under a pile of wrinkled silk paper until Bella jumps, paddles and lays on it.

After her restful nap, Elisa likes to be rocked in my arms. There Bella may put her delicate nose against the end of my long one, and offers me a gentle wet kiss while staring intensely in my eyes. My heart melted many times and I loved those moments unconditionally!

Your website is so inspiring. One can breathe love only. Thank you for your dedicated work of love and the many gifts you generously offer to all of us.

Warmest regards,

Christelle Michon

Hi Joan

I hope you are well. Wanted to give you an update on how Lucy is doing. She is growing by leaps and bounds, having put on 1 lb. already!

She is quite the character as you said, very bright, fast and determined. She and Lily are not best friends yet and I have been taking their introduction accordingly as Lily is a bit overwhelmed by the force of Lucy's playfulness.

Lucy is very lovable, sweet and healthy and follows me around like a puppy. She was quite the star at the vet's office when we went for her checkup and shot.

All the best

Hi Joan,

Hope all is well at the cattery. Lily and Oliver at 1 year old. Such adorable companions, wherever you see one you see the other.

Lily is the mischievous one and Oliver always her look out.

I can't tell you how much I love my little guys, as a single woman they are great companions and snuggle bugs.

Thank you Joan...


Hi Joan, Buddy turned 10 yesterday on the 25th we are so happy to have him, he is such a good cat. Our first Himalayan lived only to be 9 years old, so we were kind of glad this year went by and he's still in good shape.... Just wanted to send you an updated pic.... Talk to you soon. Joanne

Dear Joan,

It was so nice chatting with you yesterday. I have attached a few pictures of Martini to see what a beautiful kitty that we are so fortunate to have living in our home.

When I see him sleeping on the bed in the supine position, I tell Bob he will not be looking to be adopted by another family. He is the light of my day. The sweetest, kindest cat I have ever owned.

With that, my girlfriend Terese would be a wonderful parent to one of your kittens. As stated her Himalayan passed away recently and she would love another Himalayan. I can tell you with complete honesty, any kitten that made her home with Terese would be spoiled, coddled, loved, happy and secure for many years.

Thanks so much Joan and I am so glad that you are doing well. I hope to be the mother to another one your cats in the future, maybe one of Martini's relatives.


Jane Shea

Hi Joan,

It's Bernadette Nejman wanted to send you a pic of Khloe with her Easter bunny friends!

She is 2 & 1/2 now! She is a pleasure to have!

I see her mother Khloe is retired.

She is just as beautiful as her mother!

Hi Joan,

I'm not sure if you remember me, but my husband Wes and I were clients of yours back in 2006. We bought one of Kallie's kittens, a blue point Himalayan - who we absolutely adore. Her name is Jessica (I've attached photos as she's grown) and she has been the love of my life. I have shared with my fellow cat loving friends the great experience we had with you. I was so impressed in your cattery and Jessica has grown into a loving and wonderful kitty. At the time we came to you, we had just lost our first Persian kitty, Samantha after 18 years and you were so understanding. Jess has been a perfect addition to our family.

Unfortunately, Heather our other adult Persian when we brought Jess home is beginning to decline (she's just about to turn 19). We've spoken to our vet and we know the time will be growing near, which as you know can be so difficult.

Wes and I would like to talk to you about kitten options as I know the season for new litters will be coming up.

I'll give you a call this week as I'd love to hear how things have been going on your end.

Look forward in talking with you soon.


Amy Belew

Hi Joan,

I thought I would send you an updated picture of Bella. She is so wonderful. I can not believe what a great personality she has. Even as I write this, she is sitting here with me "helping".

We are definitely interested in another kitty. We are set on having another female and the chocolate color would be really nice, but of course the blue would be fine as well. How does the transition usually go in adding a new kitty? Bella did great with my mom's dog, Bonita. They are really cute together. Hope you are enjoying your summer and that gorgeous pool!!!

Take care,

Hi Joan: Do you recognize this cat?? She is just wonderful!!

Lola and her boyfriend! I thought you would enjoy seeing them together-they really love each other. She has given Hitchcock a new lease on life!! Hope all is well with you and you're enjoying this amazing weather! Judy Levy

Hi Joan, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that our new kitten (who we named Gemma) is doing great! She is the sweetest little girl, and we have quite the bond! She is very happy and is always playing or hanging out with us. We love her so much that we may want to get another kitten at some point (thinking of a seal point possibly) to add to our family.

I hope you and your family are doing great, and thank you again for this wonderful kitten! I've attached some pictures of her.

Best regards, Lisa Spivey

Hi Joan!

Hope this e-mail finds you well. I was looking for you on facebook but was delighted to have stumbled upon your website. I was so fortunate to have found you in 2004 when my brother and I met you and added Cosette to our family.

Despite her being a 'Father's Day' gift for my husband (red bow around her neck and presented in a shoe box), she is MY little shadow. You were right--she follows me all over the house and comes down when I come home from a stressful day at work.

She has brought an enormous amount of unconditional love to our hearts. She continues to also worship our other little love, Jules, our tuxedo cat. They both tolerate me when I dress them up on occasion and look adorable! I often think of you and smile, as I am so grateful for my fluffy ball of love, Cosette.


PS-check out their Christmas debut!

Happy New Year, Joan! I hope the holidays treated you well. Just wanted to share a few pictures of our Gigi. She will be two tomorrow and has grown into a big, beautiful girl. She is still a sweet girl who loves everyone. She is a bit of a troublemaker with our other cat and our dog, but you can't get mad at such a cute face! Everyone mentions her personality and how social she is. You truly are breeding the best cats.

Best - Jennifer and AJ

Happy Mother's Day to you and Annie's mom.

Annie Noel is doing great. She is the love of our lives. She loves to play fetch with her ball-she is too much. Annie is so awesome and perfect.

My cousin Barbara asked me one day if my dad, her uncle loves Annie. I told her that you don't even know. I love her so much, too.

She is eating good and loves to play. The only thing is she doesn't like to be brushed. We are working on it. She is a beautiful girl and we are so thankful for her. Aileen

Dear Joan,

Below are photo’s to share in your gallery. Alexander Zane & Angelina Noel (three years difference in age) parents are Karistakats - Kozette & Kuddles.

Alexander is our 3 year old male Chocolate point he is perfect and so stunning (it’s nice to see him as a kitten & young adult). He has his mom’s color, his dad’s coat.

Angelina has her dad’s color & coat and her mom’s personality. Angelina is equally stunning, loving, beautiful and quite the princess. She struts her stuff with her beautiful tail flowing gracefully in the air. She growls at her brother when she wants to play and she flies through the air to sneak attack him. It’s cute as he weighs 2 more pounds than her. They are the perfect brother and sister.

Thank you so much for being the very best at raising such perfect Himalayans.

I will be connecting with you in the future. Katness is stunningly gorgeous and either Kuddles or Kimba (when he’s of age) could possibly create impressive kittens.

I hope all is well with Kozette as I don’t see her mentioned anymore. I love her & Kuddles' kittens as she is such a loving mother and is a beautiful female Chocolate Point. Janet

Hi Joan,

I thought you might enjoy this photo of Kipling - just like his big sister Sofiya, he loves the sink!

Kip is sweet as can be and as you can see, getting more handsome by the day. He and Sofi are inseparable, playing together constantly and trading off for the highest spot on the cat tree for naps.

And, Mimi is now very grateful for a little peace and quiet.

Hope all is well with you and the kitties.

Good Morning Joan,

I took this picture of Rocco over the weekend. I wanted to share it with you because he's so stinking cute!! We are really loving him here he's so funny to watch him being curious.

The ladies at the vet go crazy for him. As soon as we get there they all want to hold him.

Thank you so much for letting us adopt this sweet boy. He is such a joy!


Good morning Joan,

Just wanted to circle around with you and share how our little doll (Riley) is doing. She is absolutely delightful!

Smart, playful, eating well and growing, she is very loving. Whenever touched or picked up, "her motor" turns on with the sweetest purr. Remarkably, she and Paige (our 3 year old Persian) are best friends already!!! I cannot believe it all happened so soon. Riley idolizes Paige following her all around and encouraging her to play…which they do daily.

Below are some pics... thanks again for the little beauty!

Be well,
Les and Rose



Greg and I can't believe Cocoa is 5 years old today!! She has just been such a joy in our lives and a good little traveler, on the airplane when we go to Florida for 4 months. No drugs just a lot of meowing until we get to the airport and then not a peep on the plane. In front of me under the seat just content! Thank you for bringing her into our lives and here are some precious pictures!

Hope all is well and have a great summer.

Lisa and Greg Blair

Hi Joan,

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, my husband Jeff and I had gotten our wonderful cat, Pepper, from you about 7 years ago. We have since had a child, and moved out of state.

I’m contacting you because our daughter, who absolutely adores Pepper (as you can see by the photos below) has asked if we could get a kitten. She would like one, but she also would like Pepper to have a companion while we are all away at school and work.

My questions are:

Pepper is 7 and has been the only cat for quite a while, how would she react to a new kitten in the house?
Is there a certain breed we should be looking at (would another Himalayan be good?)
Since Pepper is a female, should we be looking for a male or female?

We are just in the initial stages of thinking about this – and I wanted to get your expert advice before we proceed.

Thank you so much! I hope this message finds you doing well, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Joan,

I have been meaning to write you.

I just want to tell you how much we all love Felix. He has an amazing personality! We actually took him for a week long boat trip this summer because we didn't want to leave him and also because we knew he would be great. He adapted to the boat quickly.

He's very sociable with everyone who comes through our front door.

I give you all the credit to his upbringing. You really do a magnificent job with your babies.

I frequently browse your website to see the new kitties that you have. I'm sure you will see us in the future.

Thank you for our Felix!

I hope all is well.
Holly Tarus

Hello Joan:

Daphne is so sweet, I'm so grateful for her! She's so cuddly and playful and is my shadow! Thank you so much!


Happy Halloween, attaching a few photos of our 2 girls from your May/June 2012 litters. Fresh out of the kitty spa with their Halloween "Dino cuts" thanks to Sam at "The Main Lion" in Berwyn, PA. Heather

Hi Joan!

I hope you are well! Your new kittens on your site are gorgeous. Congratulations once again for your 2016 award! Clicquot is adorable, amazing to my daughter Sydney and our entire family. She is happy and healthy and loves retrieving toys. She is most attentive to our daughter and tries to hide in her bedroom at bedtime so she can spend the night with her! She's adorable and we're all so very happy together. You make fantastic kitties! Here is our certificate of spay as promised.

Warmest regards,

Danielle, Marc and Sydney Kalman

Hey Joan!

We are LOVING our kitten. She's got the best personality and is so beautiful. I can't even get over how loved she is. My kids each called her their best friend today.

With Christmas coming, we were thinking about maybe getting another. Do you by chance have any more kittens or any on the way?

Hope you are well-

Hi Joan~

Just showing off handsome Naveed. Oh, is he the sweetest thing going.

Misako and he cuddle together and sleep up against each other all the time in the Gallery and at home.

They are Milford's biggest hit and known far and wide around this town.

If I had a nickel for every person that comes in on Saturdays to the Gallery just to visit Misako and Naveed, David and I could fly to the Caribbean for a week all expenses paid. It's unbelievable!

Naveed is now 7 months old. If he was born at the end of April (I think the 28th) should he be neutered at 8 or 9 months old? Older? I'm in no hurry just thinking about it.

The two of them are so special to us.

Hope this finds you well.
In appreciation~ Marcia

Marcia Reed

Hi Joan: OH my gosh! I've been looking for your email all over the place and happen to stumble upon it today. How have you been? It’s been years.

Just to let you know, NICHOLAS is doing AWESOME. He will be celebrating his 9th Birthday on 12/24….

He is the most lovable, precious kitty ever. He lives with my mom being she is retired and she spends a lot of time with him. He is so attached to her.

I wish you could see how he responds to my mother. She actually calls him by name and he gets up from wherever he is and comes to her, sits with her. He's great.

I will send you pix. Nicholas has the BEST life. His stocking is hung, filled with treats and toys.

Picking up balloons for him tomorrow as his birthday and Christmas are a double celebration.

I just love this kitty to pieces! He is a happy, healthy boy and is loving life.


Beverly Jansen

Hi Joan,
This is Monica, my husband Tony and I purchased a Seal Point Himalayan kitten from you a little over a year ago.

We ended up naming him “Meeko” after the curious raccoon in the Pocahontas Disney movie…and it sure does suit him!

We often walk into our bathroom to see he has knocked over our small garbage can and rummaged through it to see if there was anything good in there to play with. Too funny. He is very playful and loves to hunt pretend mice and feathers.

He is a pretty independent kitty, he likes to be close to us at all times but not necessarily right in your lap. He sleeps at the end of the bed every night and as soon as he hears a peep he’s right in our arms ready for his morning cuddles (the only time he allows us to cuddle him lol) I can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives.

We don’t have any kids yet and he is our baby. I tell Tony all the time that I knew I would love him before we got him but I had no idea I would love him THIS much. He brings both of us so much happiness.

I put a picture of him amongst some Christmas presents below. He grew up to be a very handsome boy. I also wanted to let you know that he has some short video clips up on YouTube if you would like to take a look at them. If you go to www.youtube.com and type in the search bar ‘that freaky meeky’ the channel will pop up.

Anyway, thank you again! We looooooove him so very much.

Take care,
Monica & Tony

Hi Joan:

Just wanted to say hope you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.

Annie Noel is doing great. She is such a love.

In the morning she lays next to me and purrs.

She is so awesome and perfect.

We love her more and more each day.

Getting big.

Thank you and take care.


Hi Joan,

I hope you are doing well! Can't believe it's already been two years since we got the Bluepoint Himalayan from you and fell in love with him!!

No idea where the time has gone, but just wanted to drop you a note to let you know Meeko is doing very well and is the most loved/spoiled cat ever! He's super social (follows me everywhere), incredibly curious, affectionate and even has a spot in bed that he sleeps next to me every night.

Thought you might enjoy some photos from the past year... I just love this little guy so much - thanks again for everything!

Happy holidays to you!

Ashley and Meeko

Finnigan is the son of Mr. Kuddles & Kiwi. He looks just like his mom whom my daughter still remembers. Finnigan just turned 12 on January 28th. He is absolutely spoiled & the love of all our lives. My children are both away at college & every night I send them a new/good night picture of Finny. I think they miss him more then anyone else. When they leave they hate saying goodbye & when they return its always a happy reunion. My kids think I'm a "crazy cat lady" & I totally agree. I'm obsessed with him as is my husband who was never a big cat fan. It looks like your still breeding & selling kittens??? My kids would love a new kitten to keep Finny company but he is King of the house so I'm afraid it would upset him & change his personality. I don't want to upset him. Would love your opinion. Thank you & look forward to hearing from you.

Kerry Demgard

Hi Joan,

Just wanted to let you know Sophie is doing wonderful. She is such a happy little girl!!! We just love her so much!! She yells so adorably to be picked up and loves to snuggle.

The girls are doing wonderfully with her and Sophie sure does love them. I wanted to send this picture of her.

She loves her new bed we bought her and I thought it was so cute! Thank you Joan for such a wonderful, loving and sweet kitty!!

The Wennerholt's

Hi Joan,

I stopped by my parent’s home on Sunday to visit and see their new kitten “Moxie". She is absolutely adorable! They are so happy to have her in the family.

Here are some pictures we took. Thank you again for all of your support, you have truly helped to make a huge impact on my parent’s lives with this kitten. We will keep in touch, and I am sure my wife Tina and I will be reaching out to you in the future to get another kitten of our own.

Take care,
Steven Gagliostro

Hi Joan,

I just want to send you a picture of our chocolate girl Coco. She is growing up fast, and brings me such joy and love everyday! Best, Mimi

Hello Joan, Guess who turned 11 yesterday!!!! Yes Buddy, this is him Christmas 2016 and yesterday watching the birds on the chair which he loves to do everyday.. I can't believe how time flys by... Like always he's such a good boy ... Til next year have a great summer and rest of the year........ Love Joanne and Buddy 2017

Just wanted to send a photo of Kendall.

He is absolutely the sweetest kitten. Heading on 8 months now, extremely a mommy 's boy.

I want you to know I Love him very, very much. He is obsessed with my face, lips. In my arms around dinner time taking a nap, and is always laying on his back.

I could squeeze him I Love him that much.

Thank you for giving him a very loving home.

Hi Joan,

Danny and I want to thank you for giving us the best gifts that compliment our family. All of our children are treated like royalty with unconditional love and support. All of them get along so well and love each other. Delilah is the protector, Gracie is the nurturing caregiver, Adonis is the rambunctious brother and Noah is the baby of the house. Feel free to use any of the pictures on your website.
Love, Matt and Danny

Hi Joan,

Happy Spring..just wanted to give you a update on the kitten.

Finley and Sasha are getting along just fine now, it went exactly as you said it would.

He is the sweetest little boy. We wanted to thank you again for bringing them into our world.


Hi Joan!

This is Regina and Tom. I just wanted to let you know that the kitten is doing absolutely wonderful! She is getting along great with my Persian better than I ever expected. From day one she seemed to be 100% comfortable here and we could not be happier with her! I just want to thank you again for everything. I attached some pictures for you to see her.

Hi Joan,

I hope this email finds you well.

With Oliver’s birthday being yesterday, thought it was time for an update! He is doing great and such a love. My husband does feel slighted as he is definitely a mama’s boy – at least for now. He does this delightful chirp vocal – we were hoping he wouldn’t outgrow it – he didn’t. I can mimic the sound perfectly and when I do it he comes running. He loves being under the covers, but has stopped sleeping on the bed with the warmer weather and prefers his numerous window seats in the house.

We absolutely adore him and are so glad that he is happy, healthy and doting (at least on me!). Thank you again! This is a picture taken on Father’s day – he loves the box my husband’s shoe gift came in (and yes, the hat is photoshop’d in, lol)

All the best, Judy


Hi Joan

I hope this finds you well.

I was contemplating getting a second cat so Leo would have a friend. Might you have any kittens available? Perhaps we might catch up by phone? I hope you're doing well.

A picture of Leo is attached. He is very handsome!!! Beautiful coat. He has been a really wonderful cat.




Good morning Joan. This is Richard Gorba. I just wanted to share Sir Biscuit 6 month pics (dob 11-4-2016). He is a perfect kitty. Everything you said he would be.


Greg and I can't believe it has been 6 years since we brought home Cocoa. Today is her birthday and we love and adore every minute with her. She still thinks she is a kitten????

Lisa and Greg Blair

Hi Joan!

Hope everything is going well for you. Can't believe my baby is 1 already! We just love him. He is sooooo sweet! His tail is so fluffy

How do you wean your kittens off of kitten food to strictly adult food?

The vet told me to gradually do it. Is that how you do it?

I figured you would enjoy some pictures of him.
Take care, Ginny



Hello, hope all is well!

Ciao is doing just great. He is the sweetest boy and his birthday is quickly approaching! I have attached a few pictures of him. He is a riot. I call him my little abominable snowman because he is a little monster!

He really completes our life. He makes me so happy. I cannot thank you enough for him and what you do as a reputable, experienced breeder. I have attached some fun pics of him!

Ciao turned 10 months old on March 26th and we just got him fixed on 4/4/17. Hoping we can finish up final paperwork with you (purebred paperwork). I have attached the receipt from his surgery.



All is well at the Sheehan/Gibbons home! We wanted you to know that after the pull and tug of multiple envisioned sobriquets--e.g., Picasso Santiago Ramon y Cahal, Don Quixote de la Mancha, and Valentino Ignacio de Villanova--the kitten himself solved the challenge of what his name should be by clearly recognizing and answering to "Valentino." I guess it's fitting: I think we got the great word from you that he was available in February sometime around Valentine's Day.

A sweeter cat could not exist. What a fabulous, loving, trusting personality our little one has. He had his first shot and has two more coming soon. We think he might be pushing 4 pounds now, the little bruiser.

So grateful to you for all the attentive care you give your kittens, raising them to be such wonderful family members for all of us.



Hi Joan:

BartholoMEW is growing up fast. He is happy and healthy. He eats (boy does he eat). He loves the other furry friends here. His fave is the other male cat (Norton) they chase each other all the time and play hide and seek. Trixie the other female has not warmed to the kitten yet, but each day it’s better.
She is more skittish around him (and everyone) but she’s coming around.

The small pomeranians took an instant liking to Bart. Our shepard mix just loves him too, but since he’s over 50 lbs I won’t let them play unsupervised. Again, he’s on my lap helping me type this …and he told me he misses you!

Thank you for giving us this little piece of joy back into our lives - I also sent a couple of pictures.

Warm regards

Hi Joan,

Don't know if you remember me. I bought a precious Himi from you (white F) 2 yrs ago. Just wanted to touch base with you & let you know Sugar-pie is the most adorable/lovable kitty I've had. She's cute as can be. Her fur & tail are amazing, tail & ears are lilac. My groomer said she's never seen such thick fur. I have to get her shaved a couple times a year, due to huge matting.

My other Himi (F), Charlie, is now 10 1/2, not aging well, spends most of her time napping & hissing at Sugar's antics. Sugar loves Charlie & gives her a lot of slurpy baths. They are a funny twosome!

I wish I had room, I'd love to have another Himi from you. I'm presently involved with building a small house in southern NJ. Maybe when I get into my new "diggs" I'll have room for another Joan-baby, that's assuming you haven't retired! Hope all is well with you.

Best wishes,
Maryjane Green

Hey Joan,

Hope you are great. Georgina is doing well and is a little fire cracker. Had her at the vet today for a vaccine and she is now 3.6 lbs. She just keeps us laughing non-stop and has zero fear of anything.

I just had to send you this picture of the two of them as I caught the snapshot just out of luck the other day. I call it our "Sears" family portrait. It is as if they are posing for a magazine.

They play together and she pretty much harasses him but they both are sleeping under my bed together at the moment. She won't leave Hugo out of her sight. It really is quite adorable.

Have a great rest of week and let me know when you may be expecting your next litter. My mom would love to have a kitten from one of your litters.



Hi Joan: The kids are watching TV in the family room. They attack each other, they play, and run up and down the stairs. They are still exploring, but becoming more and more comfortable in their surroundings. We just love them. They are so adorable, very affectionate. Thank you for being such a loving and caring breeder. It truly makes a difference in their getting acclimated to a new environment because as we know cats traditionally are not the best at doing that.


Just wanted to let you know that our baby Bella is the sweetest little girl and the most loved cat in the world!!!


Dear Joan,

Elisa and I hope you are all well and enjoy this summer greatly.

We wanted to send you love from Paris. Elisa turned 14 this year!! Her health is excellent. If you ever have time, I would love to know what you think her life expectancy is.

Below are pictures of Elisa. We send you our heartfelt gratitude with a warm smile because we love being together!

Thank you for holding so much love in your heart for all the animals you took care of.

Best wishes,



Good Evening Joan,

I hope this greeting finds you well.

About eleven years ago, I purchased two doll faced Himmies from you and happy to say they are both thriving and the love of my life and my daughter. Mine is the older sister, Jolee; my daughter's is Swee'Pea.

We have always had cats, and must say that far and away, this is the most loving, beautiful cat I have adopted. She is a joy and a love bug. I also have two sweet ShihTzus and they are the epitome of what love should be in this world.

Having said all of this, I am thinking of adopting another Himmie. I have visited your website on and off and know another addition into my family would be welcome, loved and adored. Do you have any ready for adoption? I have a blue point doll face, very white and would like to adopt a similar one.

All the best!

Mary Hillebrenner

Hello Joan

I hope this finds you and your family well.

O’Malley is doing fine. It has been a little over 4 years since he joined our family. He sleeps in my work chair every chance he gets.

Such a beautiful, sweet boy. He and our 2 year old black lab, Sailor playfully chase each other through our house...fun to watch.

I hope this photo brightens your day to know one your babies is having a grand time. We love him!

Mayvic Luby McCloskey

Merry Christmas from the Prisner Family. Our Theo and Cleo are so wonderful and loving.... we could not ask for more. Each have their own personalities and we love them so much. They have curly fur on their bellies! Little Cleo is letting me hold her now and we adore her little tongue.

Happy New Year 2018,
Anne and Jeff

Hi Joan!

Just sharing a pic of our babies!

They’re inseparable and we love them both so much.


Hi Joan: They are 6 months old and growing so fast. We love them so much. Leo is still a crybaby and very lovable, our Kate is the alpha and very lovable but much more independent. She is also bigger in size and he gravitates to her, loves to sit on top of her. She allows it for a short time then finds another spot. They are so adorable.

They found the sink and love hanging in it.. lol

Leopold - crazy eyes - he really is quite beautiful. Our sweet Kate.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving,

Rosalie & Anthony Perinelli

Hi Joan,

Wanted to send you a quick pic of your boy to let you know he is adjusting just fine and is getting along so well with Winnie. Two peas in a pod and they are always together.

Couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much!


Hi Joan,

A pic of Misty Easter morning. She is really growing already. She is a sweetie girl. She is happy and healthy. Plays all the time and we just love her so much.

Hope you and Ed had a nice holiday. As she grows, I will send more pics.

Hope all your babies are doing well.


Hi Joan!

We are just in love with Toby. He just has a wonderful personality and fit right into our household like he had been here all along.

You obviously spent a lot of time with him because he is no problem to groom. We have also cut his nails and again no problem so I am sure you worked with him.

He loves to harass the other cat in the house but she still remains aloof.

Toby and dog has hit it off pretty well. They quite often sleep back to back. Toby loves to attack him and he does not mind at all. If Toby gets too close to his face, he just moves away. Also on occasion the dog has been known to take the toy that Toby is playing with. LOL!

At some point I will send a picture.

Thanks again!!!


Hi Joan,

They have become best friends, Chloe & Coco.


Desiree Pane

Hello Joan, I have been wanting to email you for about 12 years and I’m finally getting around to it.

My husband and I adopted and are proud parents to 2 of the wonderful cats at your cattery. Our girl, Sophia was born 5/19/04 and is the apple of her dad’s eye. Actually, she is obsessed with my husband Andy. Sophia’s cat parents are Mr. Kuddles and Kozette. Our son is Sammy, he was born 2/01/05 and is really a momma's boy. His cat parents are Mr. Kuddles and Kallie.

We cannot express how much we love our babies and what incredible cats they have always been. Never a bother and give back so much love. They are really people cats, they hate if we are ever away from them. Thankfully, that rarely happens since we work from home and are always together.

They have always used their boxes and like your instructions we feed them wet food and always have out dry food. Health wise they are doing great.

I’ve attached photos so you can see what amazing cats they have become. They are so loved and cherished.

Thank you for all your work in providing these gifts to us.
-Averil and Andy

Here it is another year with the love of our lives...every day is just a bundle of fun. Still acting like a kitten after 7 years! Thank you...

Greg and Lisa Blair

Hi Joan!

I can’t tell you enough how great having Bartholemew is!

He is the most mellow kitty I’ve ever had. He LOVES being groomed and loves his “feline AND canine” brothers and sisters.

I have bird feeders outside our window and he loves watching them through the glass. Call it cat TV.
Bart is a love and I just want to thank you for raising these cats with integrity and love. Eventually I will get another kitty from you!

Warmest regards
Vivian Letizia (Mayer)

Dear Joan,

Yesterday, on April 5, Zephyr, the son of Katness and Kimba, turned one year old!! Here he is! As you can imagine, I am pleased beyond belief! He is not only gorgeous, but he has a remarkable, outstanding personality that echoes my dear departed Merlin’s! He is the nephew of Merlin since Zephyr’s grandfather was Kuddles. Merlin has been gone one year on March 30 and just six days later Zephyr was born. His personality is just like Merlin’s!!!

Amazingly you can breed personalities along good lines and your cats have an incredible lineage! Merlin lives on in Zephyr and I was curious if the personalities would be similar when I purchased Zephyr and now I know that wonderful personalities DO carry on from generation to generation if you have parents with distinctive, desirable personalities.

He is at home with my Arthur and Rupert, my two other Himalayans and they are a fantastic family of beauty and pleasure for me, all different, and all beautiful. As I said before and I will say again, I have been around cats since I was a baby and have had many as pets, but none of them have had quite the marvelous personalities and beauty that your doll face Himalayans exhibit!!

Thank you for once again for bringing joy to me and my home!!


Hi, Joan, happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you are well.

I thought you might like to see how big and beautiful the kittens have grown. They are such loves. These pics represent their personalities well too — Chai is very mellow, a little shy, but very loving when he chooses. Bean is a wild child and the alpha. He runs and plays and instigates most of the mischief. He’s very cuddly too, though.

Both kittens were over 6 pounds at their last vet visit two weeks ago. They are very healthy and happy.

I love seeing the pictures of new kittens on your site, and I hope the blue lynx point male has a home quickly, because otherwise I will be tempted to bring him home with me! Best, Tricia

Hi Joan:

Just wanted to say hi and send you a funny picture of Toby.

He is doing well. He eats soooo much!!! Hope you are well.

I love him so much. He follows me all over the house and just wants all my attention!!!


Hi Joan!

I just wanted to let you know that Rocky turned 10 in August and Pebbles will be 10 on Christmas Eve. They have brought so much joy to our lives, I cannot begin to tell you. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing them into this world. I love them so much and I wanted you to know that they are indeed cherished little kitties.

I’ve enclosed a picture of Rocky on the patio bench and Pebbles in her catnip plant so you can see what they look like now.

Best regards, Susan Gallagher

Hi Joan,

Here is Lila at 6 mos! She is my doll...so loving and always at my side! Have not left her for more than two hours.

Every morning she goes on the bed for her nap..then I run out for errands.

Hope you are well and the new kitties!


Hi Joan,

How are you doing? For a long time now I've wanted to send you some pictures of Casper and Zorro. See below how pretty those little guys became. They are almost 1 year old now and we're so happy with them. They love to play and we love to spend time with them.

We fixed them both about 3 months ago (I will send you copy of the papers). They recovered quickly from the surgery and both are doing well.

Thanks a lot for bringing these two guys into our life!!
All the best.

Ana Carolina

Hi Joan.....

Just wanted to check in with you to let you know the little guy is the absolute love of our lives. He's a lovable nonstop ball of energy who has quickly become king of the castle. He's inseparable from our other two cats too. We just can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt this perfect little boy! We absolutely adore him!

Hope that all is well with you!

Many thanks,

Jeff and Kim Rappattoni

Hi Joan -

Just wanted to tell you again how much we love our Parmesan. He's just the best boy, so sweet and social, and everyone adores him. Here are some recent pics for you.

Hope all is well,

Hi Joan,

We bought Toby from you last December and are just so delighted with him!! He is just the cutest most likable guy! He is always making us laugh with his antics - climbing up to the top of his cat trees or racing back and forth through the house. He is also quite the supervisor. Nothing goes on around here without Toby checking it out.

He was castrated in early July - 10 months old and everything went well. My vet says to feed a low ash food to avoid problems that male castrated cats often have. Do you have any recommendations? We are pretty close to switching to adult food with him as he will be a year old in August.

We are thinking about buying another kitten from you. Do you think you would have kittens ready to go in December that have not been spoken for? The on es available now on your website I think would be ready in the fall and that is extremely busy time for us so I would like to avoid that if I could. Also as Toby is a male, would we be better off with a male or female? We are still just thinking about this but wanted to get a feel for your availability.

I have enclosed a picture of Toby with Buddy which was taken in March. They are the best of friends as you can see. (The picture is not staged - that is how I find them all the time).

Thanks again for Toby,
Wendy Mantione

Hello Joan~

Misako and Naveen are going to be in the August issue of Delaware Today magazine in a full page feature in an article about "Animals that go to work." The article focuses on the three counties in DE. Misako and Naveed are representing Sussex County. There will be a dog in a gourmet wine shop from Wilmington representing New Castle County, a security cat in Dover representing Kent County. The magazine called me saying they heard about my two cats from a lot of people who have visited Gallery 37. They are the biggest hit in my gallery and in Milford. They are on Facebook and on Instagram!! They had a two hour photo shoot last week. I saw some of the out takes!

I just wanted to share this with you and show you how beautiful they are and exceptional fur babies that I love so much! Naveed is bigger thatn Misako now. Misako is very petite and a pretty girl. They equally follow me everywhere I go. No privacy in this household anywhere! They have such personalities that are awesome!
My Best ~ Marcia

Marcia Reed
Gallery37 - A Distination for Artful Living
8 So. Walnut St.
Milford, DE 19963

Hi Joan!

It's Deborah and Jay again - we just noticed that it is Jeremy's second birthday already. We've attached a couple of recent photos of him, he has turned out to be one of the best cats we have ever had. He is still as playful and affectionate as ever (if a bit annoying early in the morning) - and has been fine healthy boy.

We see from your website that you may have some new kittens coming soon, and were wondering if any of them might be available for later in the summer. Emily, our "senior" cat is still with us - she will be twenty in July - and having another playmate seems to have done wonders for her. So we are seriously thinking about adding a fourth to keep everyone happy; and we wanted to start karistakats, since we have had such good luck so far.

Can you please let us k now what you may have for sale coming up?


Deborah and Jay

Good evening, Joan. I hope you had a greet week.

I have no words to describe how much I (we) love this guy. We named him Kashmir and are calling him Kash. He's the sweetest angel. He allows me to brush him, clean his eyes and hold him. He sleeps curled in my hair and doesn't move all night. I feel like I won the lottery. I can't believe his swe et disposition and how happy he appears to be. I struggled on the way home, I cried because I felt like I ripped him from his family. But thankfully, he appears to be very happy. I love him with all heart. He's helping me to heal.

He's got one hell of a personality; not to mention that he's stunningly gorgeous. He screams when you go into the bathroom and shut the door. He loves the dog (go figure). He's content just chilling and watches the TV intently. He gently rubs my face with his paws (I think he mistakes me for you - but I'll take it). He purrs the instant you look at him. He's just amazing. I love everything about him.

Thank you for allowing us to have this precious little baby. He is so very loved here.

Amy E. Conover

Hi Joan,

Just wanted to send you a picture of our dear Snowball. He brings a lot of joy to our family. He has gotten so big and he is so sweet and loving and he rules here. We will be sending his neutering paperwork.

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday.
Hope you like the pic!

Carol & Vinnie

Hi Joan!

Things are going well here.

Flossie is so good we cannot believe it. I don't know if we can attribute it to your training or her personality or a combination. She has clawed nothing around the house except her scratching posts. She loves the big cats, and they love her.

Today she got to use her new hammock. She wants to be wherever we are. She cries when Walt goes out the front door - even when I'm still in the house!

Benny seems to be enchanted with her. We are so happy about that. She loves on him. Annabelle is getting there but is a little jealous. We are glad she is feisty. She and Benny were playing last night. She holds her own very well with him. They were hysterical to watch. She can find nooks and crannies where he cannot get to her because he is so big. Once he gives up, she comes out and waits until he sees her, then runs again. He is mesmerized with her. Annabelle is good with her but gets nervous if Flossie comes toward her at a high rate of speed! We are so thrilled with her.

Hope all is well there at Karistakats!

Kathy Sczubelek

Hi Joan & Gang!

Merry Christmas!!!! We enjoyed Violet's 1st Christmas! We have a lot of family over Christmas night and everyone who already didn't meet Violet, got to meet her for the first time. EVERYONE is in love! We had to make sure nobody was smuggling her out of the house when they depart!!! Violet is a GEM!1 She continues to cuddle with each of us - she just fills our hearts with joy! She loves to sleep on us and we all welcome her kitty snuggles!

Hope all is well for you! I have never been late sending Christmas cards but this season got away so my Christmas cards are officially late. Thank you!! You have blessed us! You did an AMAZING job with Violet!!

Enjoy this cute picture we captured of Violet Belle

Merry Christmas!
Heidi, Ron, Veronica & Violet


Happy holidays!

I just wanted to send you a couple pictures to show you what a beautiful boy he is turning out to be. We are all just enchanted by him. (My mother in law, who is visiting for the holidays, has been caught pulling him around the house on a towel, like a sled - which he loves!)

We all agree we got very lucky with this little guy. He is everything we hoped for: sweet, affectionate, funny and a wonderful companion. I am delighted to find him sleeping on my head every morning. We really appreciate how well you raised him.

I thought you would want to hear how well he has settled in.


Hi Joan!

I hope you are well and that all the mommas, dads, and babies are too!

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Maui now that he is 6 months old. He is such a sweet boy. The boys love him so much.

We experienced a loss of our Seal Point Himalayan, Romeo, a few months ago. He was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and a mass was pressing on his esophagus.

The boys and I were devastated and I'm sure Maui misses him too.

I wanted to reach out to see if you were going to be having any more kittens, males, around the holidays as I would be interested.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Joan,

Here is our darling two-year-old relaxing in one of his cat towers as we sit nearby in our upstairs family room watching the news or reading, depending on the spouse. This is an evening event.

In the morning Valentino has this routine:

First is a lengthy groom, which includes (but of course is not limited to) a "roll-over Beethoven" in which our sweetheart rolls over - with or without prodding - so I can do additional combing under his arms, all around his britches, and even along his feet (he sticks them out for me to groom!).

Then we go downstairs for breakfast. V and I have this understanding (he is not a fast eater): I give him his first course, take a seat at the breakfast table, and drink coffee and do business or read the news UNTIL.....I get a tap-tap on my leg from you-know-who, which means I need to get up and serve the cat's second course. We do four courses in all. Is this cutie indulged or WHAT?

Thank you for bringing this darling into our lives, Joan. I think of you often--with a smile of appreciation and gratitude.

Warmly, Joey

Hi Joan,

I've been hesitant to write you because you said to wait a week before introducing Winston to Mario. The day we brought him home, Mario stuck his paw under the door and Winston mewed until we eventually opened it. Winston immediately started rubbing against Mario, slept on top of Mario, batted his toys at Mario, and doesn't give Mario a moment's peace. He never gives up and just overflows with curiosity and joy.

We could not possibly have found a more perfect addition to our family. He is also noticeably smarter than any cat I have ever had. He picks up on things so quickely -- including how to work my iPad -- and watching him cheer up Mario has brought me to tears.

Today we had company and Little Winston immediately came to introduce himself and then sat in the room the entire time our guests were here. At one point, he brought a toy as a gift.

He sleeps on my pillow and purrs and we, quite literally, could not love him more. He is eating, doing all his business in the litter box, and has already outsmarted all our cat toys.

Thank you for such a beautiful and well adjusted kitten.


Hello Joan,

I am sure you are so busy with new babies in Spring. We are saying everyday, how blessed we are with our sweet Penelope. You really are so special to us for all you have done with you care and love to make Penelope such a wonderful addition to our family! WE are so lucky and cannot believe it! She puts a smile on our faces everyday no matter how hard of a day we have all had.

She really thinks she is one of us and continues to shower us with sweetness, playfulness, intelligence everyday. She just celebrated her 6 month birthday (will send photos). We had a party for her, she is getting so big and beautiful! A joy in our life!

Every day my daughter says "Mama can you believe what a cute and special kitten we have?" They hide and go seek we p lay has evolved to tag! She actually will chase me and put her legs around my leg when she finds me and then I chase her and it goes on and on! She also loves sitting on my lap while I work at my desk and sometimes sits on the computer. She really is unique and I have never had such a sweet and docile kitten before. I rush home from work and cannot wait to see her!

Thank you so much.

Hope you have a good rest of you Sunday!

Kind regards from all of us, Vicki

Hi Joan, I hope this e mail finds you well.

I though you would enjoy this magnificent picture my husband took of Grendel. He has grown into a very handsome young man. He has made himself right at home in our family, and we feel lucky to have found him: he's playful, and fun, and sociable and affectionate.

My son, who was initially so down about getting another cat, has become particularly close to him.

I hope things are well with all of you cats.

Best, Julie Green

Hi ya, I'm not sure I ever emailed an
update, but I thought maybe it would be fun to show you how this sweet kitty has grown. He grew very attached to our pitbull, then very attached to an exotic bicolour shorthair we got shortly after getting him.

We named him Jasky, and I feel a little guilty a dmitting he is the best cat I've ever owned. Sweet, caring, cuddly, and funnier than any cat I've ever met. Does ridiculous things like runs on smooth wood without thinking of slowing down and skids into walls (not very hard of course, he just gets really hyper and doesn't seem to remember the floor is smooth and his paws are slippery!) and jumps into open garbage cans while I'm changing the bag.

He is absolutely fastidious about cleaning himself, and actually cleans our exotic shorthair who doesn't ever clean himself. Sometimes he cleans us, too. He's also very smart, he learns from his mistakes, learns "dog" behavior from the dog, tea ches it to our exotic, knows what door leads to food, knows what humans to beg, and he even knows how to trick us when someone has already fed him.

Anyway, enough about this funny kitty. Here are some pictures him.

As you can see, he really likes sticking his tongue out. Cracks me up every time.

Let me know if you would like to see more pictures too .....I have 1000's of them.

We went on holiday once and had to house them both in a fance cat hotel, and when we came back, the owners were BEGGING us not to take Jasky back.

They had nicknamed him loverboy and said he was in the top 5 sweetest cats they had ever met.

I think he is a lot like his aunt, the one that greeted me when we went to get Jasky, who would not stop purring and bonking my hand for attention.

Jasky is the same way, even with complete strangers. People can't believe a cat can be this friendly or this social!

Also as much as I love him, as you can see, his little brother/bestie Noctis gets visibly depressed. He is terribly attached to Jasky.

Thank you so much again for the wonderful cat.

And finally, here's some fan art of Jasky I have gotten from friends and strangers.


Hi Joan:

Today is Flossie's 2nd birthday!

She is in Florida still (waiting for the COVID numbers to slow down at home).

We are ever grateful to you for this sweet, albeit feisty, kitty. Here she is right now "helping" me with my puzzle.

I hope you are well and everything is good with your kitties.

Kathy and Walt

Hi Joan!

Schnitzel's eye color changed and he is simply stunning! He is an amazing cat.

He is so warm and friendly. He follows me around everywhere. He doesn't hide very much because he likes to be around us all day long.

He is so calm and chill. I hate to say it but he might be my best cat yet!

He gets along well with the kids and is such a happy boy. He is a complete delight.

We love him so much!


Hi Joan:

Xiao Mei is 5 years old and she is such a delightful little girl.

She is very loved and spoiled!

Hope all is well with you and your family (both cats and people!)

Zelda (Xiao Mei's kitty housemate) turned 18 in April!E

Best Wishes,


Hi Joan,

I thought you may like to see a picture of Crystal. Crystal is now 4 years old and is the most loving cat ever!

I hope you and your family are all well!

Best Regards,

Rob Coppola

Dear Joan, Elisa from Paris here!

I hope you and all your beloveds are well. There is so much happening -everywhere.

Elisa is 17 now: A beautiful blessing in good health, with a mind of her own, so loving.

Please, find below two pictures and one video of her. Stay safe.

Sending you many blessings and much love from Elisa and I.


Hi Joan,

Hope all is well with you and your family! Lila is 3 today! She shares a Birthday with Robert! A big day here in Sag Harbor!

Lila is such a sweetheart! She follows me everywhere all day and sleeps by my side at night!

What a personality she has!

Thanks again as she has filled my heart more than I can say!

Sincerely, Carol

Hi Joan,

Happy New Year! Hope you are well.

Mia is doing well here. She has really grown in the last 3 months - almost 4 pounds now! She’s such a loving, playful kitten!

I’ll be scheduling her rabies shot soon. Sending you a few pics.



Hi Joan!

We are sitting here having our morning coffee and Winston has displayed himself in the windowsill across from us — I said, “Winston is a work of art, look at that tail!” and Luke said “he’s not just a trophy cat, he has the best temperament of any cat I’ve ever had.”

We didn’t do a Christmas card this year so I just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know we still adore him! He did feature prominently in my in-laws Christmas letter and he does have the most hilarious little attitude.

Some pictures below! Thank you for him! He still steals things and thrills all the time but we do spend an awful lot of time staring at him now that we’ve spent a year in lockdown. (What a tail!)

Brooke & Luke

Hi Joan,

I purchased a female seal tortie lynx point back in 2016 from litter # F1583986. I named her Elsa and she has brought me so much joy over the last 4 years. I’ve been thinking of finding a little brother for her and was wondering if you have any litters upcoming?

And in case you’re curious how she turned out, here she is in all her glory.


Steve Gilson

Hi Joan -

Just wanted to say hi and tell you again how much we adore Parmesan, who’s coming up on 3 years old in May.

I just took this pic of him showing off his Sunday chill factor!

We still can’t thank you enough for this most wonderful member of our family. He is healthy, happy and the sweetest boy.

Hope you and your husband are safe and healthy after such a hard year.

Best, Melissa

This super sweet, handsome little fella turns 8 tomorrow.

He is enjoying some fresh air from our balcony...well supervised of course.

He adds an enormous amount of joy to our lives. We love him dearly.

He and our lab, Sailor have become buddies.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Mayvic McCloskey

Hi Joan,

It's been a while - just wanted to send an update on Oliver's 6th birthday today - almost scary how fast time is passing.

He is a momma's boy - turns up his nose at the rest of my family, but follows me everywhere and is my snuggle boy, lol. He is healthy and thriving and my love.

We're off this week for his summer lion's cut before it gets unbearable. Thank you again for our remarkable boy.

All the best, Judith from RI

Hi Joan,

I wanted to thank you again for such a sweet little boy. He has slept on my pillow with me every night. He has had no issues eating, at all. He is drinking water and using the litter bin too.

I introduced him to my other cat, Romey (Romeo), and no issues at all.

Here's some pics...


Hello Joan,

I’m sure you don’t remember me, but we adopted our beautiful Sebastian from you over 18 years ago. He was the most handsome, loving and intelligent pet I’ve ever had. Sadly, we lost him this week. He died very peacefully and was beyond adored by my entire family, including my shih tzu Louie.

I would love to adopt another kitten, or kittens from you, if you are still breeding. Please let me know.

Thank you!
Danielle Diglio

Hi Joan,

I hope you and your family are well!!

Just wanted to update you with my beloved Sawyer.

He is so sweet and loving! He lies on my feet when I come home from work, and you were right! He is a mush. He starts purring as soon as I get close to him, and he follows me everywhere! I just love him. He really filled the hole in my heart after losing Joleé. I loved her so much and didn't think the pain would ever go away.

Sawyer is not shy at all when I have visitors~they can't get over him. He is a big boy! Weighing in at 11 pounds right now.

My friend Diane's kitty, Colette is doing well. She is so enamored with her. She was never a cat person and has done a 180º after getting Colette.

The first picture is when he was just 4 pounds. Second is now.

I have another friend who inquired about Sawyer. I gave her your website address. Her name is Cheryl Sanders Jayne.

Just a quick question. I wipe his eyes twice a day with warm water and cotton pad, but he still has the brown tear stains. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Mary Hillebrenner

Hi Joan,
Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.

Just wanted to let you know that we are loving and enjoying Gizmo! He is scheduled to be neutered this Tuesday, Jan 11th. I will send the documentation when completed.

He is such a good boy we love him so much. I was thinking about maybe getting him a feline friend do you have any kittens available or expected?

Warm regards,

Hi Joan,

Hope you are well. Kalli is 1 tomorrow. She is so sweet. I love her so much.

Thank you again,


Hi Joan,

Remember the little blue point boy? He is growing and is the sweetest little fella. He follows me everywhere (even when I'm vacuuming) and purrs every time I pick him up which is often. He sleeps above my head on the pillows every night. I couldn't have asked for a better kitten. I ended up naming him Hemi.

Today he went in for neutering and came through with flying colors. Attached is a picture of the receipt for neutering as proof. It also shows his weight gain progression. Don't be concerned about how many times he went to the vet. I decided to only do one vaccination at a time even though he is young. Trips to the vet didn't bother him and they are only 1/4 mile down the road. That way I also got to see how he was progressing on gaining weight.

The next picture was him playing with the pulls on a Tiffany lamp when he was a really little guy. Not to worry, he couldn't budge that lamp, but I did stop him after taking pictures.

Remember the stuffed cat I had in the carrier for him to cuddle with when bringing him home? It has become his wrestling buddy, he just loves his stuffed cat.

The last one is just Hemi showing his beautiful blue eyes first thing in the morning before eye wiping. He is spoiled and loved very much. Thank you for such a wonderful kitten!


Hi Joan - Oh my gosh it’s been a live episode of Wild Kingdom over here. Everything has unfolded just as you predicted - some hissing (can’t believe Parmesan had it in him!), some hurt feelings, and then yesterday Parmesan pushed open the door to our bedroom where Ricotta has been staying and thus began the peace treaty. There is still a little trepidation but overall it’s been really good. She ate a big bowl of food this morning - first actual full meal. And here are some funny pics for you.

Again I must say - we are so appreciative of you, the great care you provide to your kittens and cats, and all of the education for us. All of it results in such good experiences for all humans and felines involved!

Will keep you posted,

(And by the way, this is Parmesan’s beloved cat condo and I cannot believe he tolerated this!)

Hi Joan: Your beautiful home is surpassed only by your cats and kittens! What a lovely part of New Jersey you live in, we enjoyed the ride out to the country to pick up our new fur baby.

We have named our new kitten Samantha and she is such a joy! She follows us from room to room, cuddles in our laps, purrs when you pick her up and enjoys being held. She's friendly when we have visitors or company and likes playing with her many varied toys (especially her cat tunnel).

Samantha has been eating good, using her litter box, and using her scratch post & tower-you trained her well! We just want to say thank you again for this wonderfully sweet and adorable kitten. It's clear to us she was raised with a generous amount of love and care and training too. After losing our beloved cat Jessie our hearts and home felt so empty and sad. Samantha has brought happiness, joy, laughter and a sense of contentment only a pet can bring to one's heart and home.

Warmest regards,
Bill and Priscilla McDonald

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